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Students listen to faculty in a school of education class

Teacher Candidacy Application

Education majors in programs leading to certification are required to apply for Teacher Candidacy. Achieving Teacher Candidacy is generally a prerequisite to enrolling in core education courses and student teaching.  Prior to acceptance as a Teacher Candidate, all Education students are in Pre-Candidacy status. Teacher Candidacy is not applicable to Educational Studies majors.

The Teacher Candidacy Application is initiated at the beginning of the third or fourth semester and submitted to the Candidacy Review Committee on or about March 15th immediately following the semester a student reaches 45 credits. The application must include the following:

  • Passing Praxis CORE Scores on file in School of Education (as reported by ETS)             
  • Documentation of Fingerprinting on file in School of Education                                         
  • Completion of  Online Background Check through                                 
  • “Why I Want to be a Teacher” Essay (usually completed in ED 201)                      
  • Completion of  Online Dispositions Self-Assessment           
  • Participation in Group Disposition Assessment                   
  • Completion of proficiency writing skills assessment plus any additional assigned exercises
  • GPA of 2.5 overall, C+ or better in all Education courses  (printed from student portal)
  • Completion of 20 hrs. Community Service (signed by advisor, on file in the School of Education)   

Advisors should review completed applications prior to their submission to the Candidacy Review Committee.  This committee is comprised of the Director of Teacher Education and the School of Education faculty members. Students will be granted full candidacy, or denial as candidates in Teacher Education programs leading to certification. There will be no conditional acceptance as of March 15, 2018. Students denied candidacy will not be eligible to continue in a certification program.