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Students and faculty work in the new iEX Center on campus of Husson University

Extended Reality | School of Technology and Innovation

Create new worlds – and an exciting career – through extended reality

You might not know the term “extended reality” but chances are you’ve used this technology. Ever play Pokémon Go? Have you used Snapchat filters? Watched a football game that uses those yard-line overlays? These are all examples of extended reality technology.

Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term encompassing both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Husson University’s cutting-edge Bachelor of Science in Extended Reality (XR) program provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to create immersive and interactive three-dimensional environments that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. As XR technology continues to transform industries such as entertainment, manufacturing, medicine, and education, our program equips you with the expertise to shape the future of these fields. Join us at Husson and embark on a journey to harness the potential of extended reality in solving diverse challenges across many industries.

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Virtual & Augmented Reality -- Why Husson XR is For You

soti-xr-program.jpgAt Husson, we offer far more than the standard virtual reality program. Husson’s Bachelor of Science in Extended Reality is the only one of its kind in Maine. Even better, you'll have full access to Husson's state-of-the-art iEX Center, an innovation hub stocked with the latest XR, VR and AR technology and tools, including student XR kits, motion capture suits, haptic and force feedback gloves, virtual reality systems and augmented reality projection systems.

As an XR major at Husson, you’ll study disciplines such as game engines, computer programming and hardware systems; all within the context of extended reality. You’ll collaborate with other students, faculty and outside partners using emerging XR technology as you develop practical solutions to real-world challenges.

Projects you work on may include building three-dimensional models for a virtual reality training platform, programming an augmented reality application, experimenting with interactive projected media hardware, using a motion capture system to analyze body movements or create real-time avatars, programming a game engine to create interactive spatial audio-triggered effects and experimenting with augmented reality glasses.

The XR Program from a Student Perspective

colby-hope-blog-2024.jpg"We've been learning some basic 3D modeling in Vectorworks. We've also been working with our motion capture system and our virtual production system. And then, I've been doing some work with Blender on my own. The big thing for us as students in development has been using VR Simlab, which is a development platform for VR solutions that's really easy to get into," Colby explains. "We've been able to add to our skill level and be able to produce projects that actually have interactable elements in VR, which is really cool to be able to do with very little programming experience."

Colby Hope '25

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Career Outlook

Extended reality (XR) is a rapidly growing field, projected to have a significant economic impact as more and more industries embrace the possibilities it offers. Currently, the market for XR is projected to reach about $345.9 billion by 2030, creating or enhancing more than 23 million jobs worldwide. Even better, XR jobs are in high demand and offer high salaries: the national average for XR or AR careers is currently $113,000 a year, with some salaries going as high as $215,000. Clearly, extended reality business is booming.

XR Extended Reality Program CURRICULUM

Looking for an AR VR course? At Husson, you'll get so much more. Here, your studies will include core courses in subject areas such as video production and audio production, 3D drafting, user experience and interaction design, XR design, game engines and extended reality. Your studies are rounded off with general education requirements.




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Three Things You Need to Know

  1. At Husson's School of Technology, you’ll get hands-on experience with technology and learn in small classes taught by expert faculty experienced in their field and up-to-date on the latest XR, AR and VR innovations.
  2. During your time in the curriculum, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate closely with students in other fields and disciplines for specialized XR projects. For example, Project Cheers uses XR to simulate restaurants and hotels in a virtual environment to teach and train hospitality students.
  3. In the XR program, you'll have access to a special student XR kit, which includes an iPad, high-powered mini projector and an Oculus Quest 2.

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Brave Williams, MFA Brave Williams, MFA
Director, iEX Center and Associate Professor
167 Harold Alfond Hall
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, Maine 04401
Tony Gerow Tony Gerow
XR Technical Director
208 Harold Alfond Hall
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, Maine 04401
Ashlie Page Ashlie Page
Outreach Specialist
Husson University
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