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Student walking outside of Darling Living Learning Center

Sport Management Career Opportunities

Sport Management graduates have numerous career opportunities from which to choose, including entry level positions in professional, college and amateur sports organizations. Many choose to expand those opportunities by pursuing their master's degree while serving as a graduate assistant or full-time intern; others may choose to attend law school in order to pursue careers as sport agents. The field of sport management extends well beyond the traditional team sports and contains career options in sports equipment manufacturing and sales; event planning and sponsorship; sport facility management; parks & recreation; and sport tourism.

Among the many options available in the field of sport management, a graduate of our program could:

  • Pursue a career in intercollegiate athletics in sports information, rules compliance, marketing, academic advising, ticket operations, facility and event management, or general administration.
  • Align with a professional team working in ticket sales, community relations, corporate sponsorship, facility management or financial operations.
  • Connect with the United States Olympic Committee or one of the many sport federations that govern amateur sport.
  • Work with the outdoor adventure industry or start your own.
  • Work with recreation programs with the YMCA/YWCA, the Boys and Girls Club of America; or a community recreation department, and within higher education.
  • Get involved with the sport equipment industry. A number of opportunities exist in the manufacturing, advertising and sale of sports equipment and apparel.
  • Be a sport entrepreneur. Operate a sporting goods store, a racquet club, a gym or a bike shop.
  • Organize and promote sport events.
  • Develop and maintain internet sites for sport organizations. Opportunities abound for sport management majors with technical skills in web design, photography and videographics.
  • Pursue a career as a sport agent. Note: This typically requires a law degree, as well as advanced financial and investment training. It is also helpful to connect with one of the established sport agencies.

This list is just a sampling of the career options available to sport management graduates. We recommend exploring some of the current positions advertised on the web sites linked below. One of the features of our program is the personal attention that we offer students in terms of helping them select their career paths, and customize their curriculum to fit their goals and interests.

Sport Management Career Links