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Students walking on campus of Husson University

Online Business Courses

On Campus...Online...On your terms!

Students in Husson University's College of Business are now able to take a number of classes online, thus creating a hybrid program with some classes taken online and some taken on campus. Please consult with your advisor before enrolling in online classes.

The following courses are offered at least once a year online, in addition to traditional classroom settings. Click here to see specific course offerings by semester.

For individual course descriptions, please click here.

AC 121 Principles of Accounting I
AC 211 Managerial Accounting I
AC 331 Cost Accounting I
BA 101 Introduction to Business
BA 201 Business Law I
BA 202 Business Law I I
BA 211 Microeconomics
BA 212 Macroeconomics
BA 224 Public Relations SP 14
BA 271 Risk Management
BA 302 Business Ethics
BA 310 Organization and Management
BA 321 Marketing
BA 362 Financial Management I
BA 401 Managerial Economics
BA 411 Organizational Behavior
BA 413 Operations Management
BA 414 Business Policy
BA 422 Sales and Sales Management
BA 424 Marketing Research
BA 441 Entrepreneurship did not find
BA 464 Bank & Financial Services Management SP 12
BA 471 Life and Health Insurance
BA 475 E-Business and E-Commerce for Managers
BA 490 International Business
BA 499 Topic/Social Media Marketing
BA 499 Topic/The Rise of Disruption Strategy
BA 499 Topic/Employment Law
BA 499 Topic/Cyberlaw
BA 600 Research Methods in Business and Education
BA 601 Managerial Economics
BA 602 Managerial Accounting
BA 605 Management Communications
BA 611 Organizational Behavior
BA 620 Financial Management
BA 625 Global Strategy Management
BA 627 Investment Analysis
BA 641 Human Resource Management
BA 644 Business Law
BA 646 Current Issues in Business
BA 701 Legal Environment of Health Care Managemnt
BA 702 Health Care Economics
BA 731 Business and Information Technology
BA 745 Innovative Global Strategy
BA 799 Topic/Financial Decision Making
BA 799 Topic/Supply Change Management
CJ 101 Introduction to Justice and Public Safety
CJ 225 Criminal Procedure
CJ 235 Criminology
CJ 345 Comparative Criminal Justice
CJ 399 Topic/Scinece of Fingerprints
CJ 403 Domestic Violence Law
CJ 406 Victimology
CJ 499 Topic/Crime and Film
CJ 799 Topic/Demystifying Crime and Criminal Justice
HA 200 Tourism and Travel
MI 111 Introduction to Microcomputing
MI 214 Microcomputer Spreadsheet Applications
PL 100 Introduction to Legal Studies
PL 200 Criminal Law
PL 400 Domestic Violence Law
SM 299 Topic/Sport Ethics
SM 307 Sport Finance