A program offering close personal attention from faculty and expecting high-levels of self-discipline and research from students.

We are extremely proud of the Husson Biology program. The foundations of the program include an examination of the commonalities of all living things, including: molecular structure, cell structure and heredity, and an appreciation for the diversity of life, including: the evolution of plants and animals, community structure and ecosystem function. Laboratory courses are provided in modern, well-equipped multi-disciplinary teaching laboratories. Field studies involving plants, animals, and marine communities are also included.

After these foundations of biology have been instilled in our biology majors, they are free to explore various areas of biology that are of interest to them. Husson University has a particularly strong collection of courses that explore the human organism in both clinical and purely biological contexts (neurobiology, nutrition, health and wellness, exercise physiology, and pathophysiology).

The senior year presents an opportunity for our biology majors that is unique in its ambition and success. Every biology major must pass through what is known as the senior thesis project. This process occurs over the span of one summer and two semesters. Our program is distinct from other biology programs in that students are free to explore their own individual interests in biology and encouraged to gain hands-on experience by working with researchers and professionals in the community. For those students who are interested in ecological studies, Husson's faculty-led research primarily involves the ecology of forest songbirds. For students with a serious interest in molecular biology, Husson students have the opportunity to pursue internships at nearby biotechnology laboratories, including the Jackson Laboratory, a world-class genetics institute in Bar Harbor.

The Husson Biology program is small, with only 5-9 students present in the senior seminar and majors-only classes. This individualized attention enhances learning and builds team-spirit within the major. The program is well suited to prepare you for the immediate world of work and for graduate and professional school.

Biology Program Track

  • Regular Track
    The Regular Track of the Biology Program prepares students for entry-level positions in biology such as: lab technician, research assistant, animal technician, wildlife biologist and environmental educator. This track allows more flexibility for students to explore their own interests in biology and is not intended for students who are planning to go to a graduate or professional school.
  • Pre-pharmacy/Advanced Degree Track
    The Pre-pharmacy/Advanced Degree track of the Biology Program prepares students to qualify for entry into Husson's PharmD professional program after only two years of study. This track is also intended for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in Biology. This track prepares students for successful admission to graduate, medical, dental or optometry schools and includes two semesters of Calculus, Organic Chemistry, and Physics.

Biology Minor

We also offer a minor in Biology, requiring the completion of six classes in the biological sciences.

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