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Challenge Winners

The results are in!*


1,409 donors, giving 1,792 gifts, to 95 different funds, totaling $224,648!!!


334 Alumni*

118 Recent Alumni*

663 First-time donors

41 States and US Territories Represented and 12 Countries

67 Husson Graduating Classes Represented

304 Students*

158 Employees*

18 Board of Trustees

*Some people are counted more than once. For example, if they are a current student and a current employee (not including student employment) they are in both numbers.

*Please note, as we continue to clean up the gifts, these numbers are subject to change.

All Day Challenge Results

Highest Percentage of Recent Alumni - TIE @ 40%

  • One Circle Agency 
  • Student Occupational Therapy Association

Highest Percentage of AlumniAnnual Fund (82.81%)

Highest Number of First Time Donors - Women's Soccer (75)

Highest Number of Donors - Football (137)

Highest Number of Employee DonorsSOARING Eagles Healthcare (20)

Highest Number of Student Donors - Football (34)

First Area to Raise $5,555 in Unique Gifts - Women's Basketball 


Donor-Specific Challenges

Stay tuned!

Congrats to Leah C

Gift designated to the School of Accounting.

Congrats to Blake D. as our Domestic Winner (Hawaii) with a gift designation to Volleyball and to Michael D. as our International Winner (Australia) with a gift designation to Men's Basketball!

Power to the Parents Volleyball $650
Men's Soccer $550
Pep Band $500
Football $225
Legal Studies Organization $225
School of Physical Therapy $100
Cheer and Dance $50
Track & Field $50
Women's Lacrosse $50
Video/Film Production $50
Audio Engineering $25
CRU $25

Hourly Challenges

You've done it again, thank you! There was a 26-way tie right at 12:00 a.m. The first five gifts:

  • Men's Soccer (congrats Nathan C., you were the first!)
  • Volleyball (congrats Jeffrey and Dawn S.)
  • Legal Studies Organization (congrats Alan A. and Lindsey P.)
  • School of Business and Management (congrats Doug W.)

Rise and Grind Women's Basketball $600
Football $450
Men's Soccer $395
Women's Golf $275
Men's Golf $200
Track & Field $200
Men's Basketball $125
Women's Lacrosse $105
Volleyball and Cross Country $50 each

Lunchtime Crunchtime

Women's Soccer $1875
Men's Soccer $50
Legal Studies Organization $35
Swimming and Diving $25
Cross Country $15


$200 Bonus Areas:

  • Men's Basketball
  • Football
  • Women's Soccer
  • Women's Basketball
  • Annual Fund
  • Men's Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Men's Golf
  • Women's Lacrosse 
  • Pep Band

Surprise 5:55 p.m. Challenge Men's Basketball $1651
College of Health and Pharmacy $1000
Men's Soccer $800
Women's Lacrosse $512
Men's Golf $200
Volleyball $383
Women's Soccer $370
Annual Fund and Physical Therapy 350 each
School of Accounting and eSports $250 each
Women's Golf $200 each
Baseball and Women in Business $150 each
Pep Band $120 each
Women's Basketball $110
Business and Management and School of Education $100 each
Hispanic & Latine Assoc., Fighting Eagles Boxing Club and the Wellness Center $75 each
Track & Field; Pharmacy; Men's Lacrosse; Men's Golf; Football; Eagle Athletic Club; Delta Sigma $50 each
Legal Studies Organization $30
Swimming and Diving $19
Student Alumni Association and HU Theatre $15 each

Another close one!

Congrats to Caroline B. for being our very last donor of the night! Husson University Theatre (HUT) was awarded an additional $1,000!

Donor Milestones

Congratulations to Dylan F. for being the 500th donor! This challenge, sponsored by the Husson Alumni Association Board, awarded $500 to the area supported by the 500th donor of the day. Congrats to Dylan and his area of choice, baseball!

Congrats to Donald L. for being our "one more" donor and beating last year's donor count of 1,244! Because of you, the Student Nurses Association received an additional $1,245, thank you!

Congrats to Pablo M. for being the donor to get us to our goal, lucky number 1,300! An additional $1,300 went to the area you supported, Men's Soccer.