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Husson University Alumni and Friends


Support the Husson Mission

Alumni support is vital to the well being of Husson University. We need your help to make good on our mission to prepare the leaders of tomorrow with the time-tested values of hard-work, integrity and bold vision.

Each of our students provides a reason to give. Roughly 40% of our students are the first in their families to pursue a college education, and nearly 45% qualify for the Pell Grant, a national indicator of significant financial need. Your support helps to fund student scholarships, as well as other areas that impact their Husson experience - classroom upgrades, technology enhancements, library acquisitions, and more.

Many alumni and friends have made Husson University a philanthropic priority in their lives. They have found ways to do the best they can for the University, both in terms of generous gifts during their lifetimes, as well as deferred, or "planned", gifts that come to Husson after their passing.

Please use these pages to answer any questions you may have about the way of giving that is right for you, or feel free to talk to any one of the staff in the development office. Thank you for your support!