Joseph F. Dooley '75, C. Keith Bolster '64, Thomas E. Thornton '72, Alumni Hall of Fame Award Winner

Joe Dooley graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Husson College in 1975, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college. Originally from a small town in Vermont, Joe moved to Scottsdale, Arizona after graduation and took a job as a sales representative for Duracell. He worked his way up the company ladder and was named Vice President of International Sales and Marketing in the early 90’s. Under his direction, Duracell went global, making an unwavering presence in China, India, and South Africa. In 2007, Joe Dooley retired from his position as President of Duracell Global. His commitment to a global perspective is a direct reflection of his Husson education and he is a true testament to the fulfillment of the American Dream.

C. Keith Bolster earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration when he graduated from Husson College in 1964. A native of Easton, Maine, Keith moved to Clearwater, Florida in 1993 looking for a new beginning. After arriving in Florida, Keith found a job as a salesmen promoting energy efficient lighting. As a salesman for energy efficient lighting, a light bulb switched on in Keith’s head. Resultantly, Keith and his partner Bill Norman pulled together the .50 cents they had between the them and started a business that collected and recycled burned out fluorescent lamps, batteries, and obsolete electronics. EnviroLight & Disposal Inc. steadily grew and in 2001 the company moved its location to Petersburg, Florida, where the business continues to thrive and prosper today. EnviroLight & Disposal Inc. is a direct product of Mr. Bolster’s innovative thinking and has become the largest permitted storage facility for Universal waste in the country!

Thomas E. Thornton Jr. was a 1972 graduate of Husson College and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. After graduation, Thomas set out into the world equipped with the right attitude and the right education. He became President of Freightliner of Maine and built a quality family business. The employees of Freightliner of Maine became a close knit family, one that Tom was very proud of and was direct result of his approachable demeanor. Tom was a paragon of support and involvement within the community and had a searing passion for helping others that extended from the Old Town Rotary Club, Katahdin Area Council of Boy Scouts, to the Maine Rural Development Authority. He was also a presence at Husson as he served on the Board of Trustees and was a faithful alumnus. Every organization Tom was involved in praised his passion and dedication as a volunteer. His accomplishments have truly made his community stronger.

C. Keith Bolster

John Donovan, C. Keith Bolster '64 and President Clark

Thomas E. Thornton, Jr.

Joe Cyr, Nicole Madden (accepting for Thomas E. Thornton Jr.) and President Clark

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