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Aerial view of the Husson University campus

State Tuition Assistance Facts

Eligibility: Satisfactory member of the Maine National Guard at the time of application through the completion of the semester in which the benefit was used.

- Must have completed basic training, or received a commission and has not previously earned a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Commitment: Must agree to serve one year beyond the end of the term in which the benefit was used in the Maine National Guard.

Duration: Used only at the undergraduate level, and terminated when the member has used a maximum of 130 credit hours or equivalent.

Use: Covers only tuition, no fees.

Post-Secondary Education Institution: Only useable at a University of Maine System, Maine Community College System school, Maine Maritime Academy and Husson University.

Benefit Cap: Public schools are capped at their institution’s tuition rate. All private institutions are capped at UMO’s tuition rate from the previous academic year.

Waiver Required: If the cost provided exceeds the amount of money available in the Maine National Guard Post-secondary fund, the benefit must be provided in the form of a tuition waiver provided by the post-secondary institution.

Pursue all other benefits available: Have applied for all available tuition benefits not related to housing costs, or non-tuition expenses, including but not limited to: Federal Tuition Assistance, Employer tuition reimbursements or assistance; and Federal grants such as Pell Grant.

Good Academic Standing: Member must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, and must not fail to complete the course(s).

Applications Due: Winter Semester 30 NOV, Spring Semester 30 NOV,

Fall Semester 31 JUL, Summer Semester 31 MAR.