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Form 1098-T Tuition Statement

Purpose of the Form 1098-T

The IRS requires the University to issue Form 1098-T, “Tuition Payments Statement,” to each student by January 31st of each year. Form 1098-T is an information tax document to aid taxpayers in determining whether they are eligible to claim a tax deduction or one of the education tax credits on their federal income tax return. Form 1098-T is NOT to be filed with a tax return. Its purpose is not to report scholarship income to the IRS. It is for informational purposes only.

The 1098-T forms will be available online before the January 31st mailing deadline. Please allow 10 days for arrival/delivery of 1098-Ts mailed to students who did not choose electronic delivery.

To access your current or past Form 1098-T Tax Tuition Statement:

  1. Visit your student portal at
  2. Click on "Administrative Services"
  3. Select "1098t Information"
  4. Follow prompts


On the Form 1098-T, we report the name, social security number and address of students, and indicate whether they were a graduate student and/or at least half-time during the calendar year. We also report the following boxes Box 1, Box 3, Box 5, Box 8 (at least half-tine) and Box 9 (graduate student).

If Box 1 on your Form 1098-T is blank, visit the IRS website for more information.

If you qualify for an educational credit, you should use your personal records and student account activity statements to determine the amounts that you actually paid toward the charges reported on the 1098-T. We recommend always seek advice from a tax professional.

We are required to report all qualified transactions in the actual calendar year during which they were posted to your account, regardless of when you pay them.

If you need more information than what is available on your 1098-T, you may access an account itemization via your student portal under “My Billing Ledger”.