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Eagle Alert: Admission Deposit Deadline, June 1, 2024

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Deferred Tuition Contract

The purpose of this deferment option is to provide students with the flexibility to take advantage of their employer’s tuition benefit plan. Husson University will allow students to defer tuition payment until 30 days after grades have been posted for the semester. If enrolled in multiple sessions in one given semester, Husson University requests that payment be made within 30 days of class completion. For example, if you are enrolled in two seven-week session courses and one ends in October and another one ends in December, we would request that your October course be paid upon completion of that enrollment period. If the grade achieved at the end of the semester is an incomplete grade the student is still responsible for payment within 30 days. If you withdraw from a course, you are required to make payment immediately as you no longer would qualify for deferment. The deferment allows for sufficient time for students and employers to process payments. 

Rights and Responsibilities:

  • If tuition reimbursement is less than 100%, students are responsible for any amount not reimbursable by the semester’s financial clearance deadline.
  • If the employee has financial aid in place that covers the account balance the contract shall be negated.
  • Additionally, if reimbursement from the company has not been paid to the student’s account by the end of the 30 day period after the grades have been posted by the University the student will be immediately removed from the deferred tuition plan and subject to standard University collection procedures.
  • Husson University reserves the right to deny or cancel enrollment in the deferred tuition plan for students whose accounts are not in good financial or academic standing.
  • This agreement is subject to change at the discretion of Husson University.

By submitting this online form, I agree to comply with terms of the contract outlined above:


Please note: If you are a student that is part of your employer partnership program and receive a tuition discount you will want to complete the employment verification and request deferment by following this link. Please do not submit this form if you also require employment verification.