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Bills and Refunds

You will receive a bill for mandatory charges for each semester in which you are enrolled. The fall semester bill is mailed on/around June 1st and the University's financial clearance deadline for the fall semester is July 10th. You must have payments, payment arrangements, outside scholarship information, and/or private/PLUS loans in place to avoid a late clearance fee. The spring semester bill is mailed in early December, and the University's financial clearance deadline for the spring semester is January 2nd. Statements are mailed monthly that reflect any billing changes on the student account. Students can always view their balance on their Student Portal ledger.

Please keep in mind that with loans, lenders often deduct loan fees before funds are disbursed, which can impact the amount you need to borrow. You should calculate loan fees prior to finalizing loan requests.

The health insurance premium will be charged unless you waive the insurance using the online waiver via your student portal at and provide proof of your own health insurance. Once logged into the student portal, click the insurance waiver link on the left hand side to complete the waiver.  The deadline to waive coverage is published each semester. Husson cannot remove the charge from your student account once we send the premiums to our insurance carrier. Please contact your health insurance company and ask the following questions before proceeding with a waiver. 1.) Does your insurance plan provide out of state coverage? 2.) Does your insurance plan have out of network coverage? If you answered “NO” to either of these questions, you may wish to purchase the Husson University sponsored student insurance plan. If your insurance is not viable in the State of Maine, you may be responsible for charges incurred during your visit with Husson University’s Health Center and will be responsible for charges incurred at other health care clinics or facilities

You must notify us in writing of all financial assistance you will receive from outside sources such as private scholarships, tuition waivers. and certain veterans' educational benefits. Federal regulations require that we consider all other tuition assistance before we calculate the financial aid award Husson University can offer.

Financial aid is disbursed to the student account within the first week of classes. If a credit occurs, a refund will automatically be processed by the Office of Student Accounts after the add/drop period. 

Click here for client contract/profile page:​.  

Please note, if the over-payment is the result of a payment made by a third party the refund will be issued to the third party payer regardless of the refund preference you have established. A thorough review of the student account is made and all financial aid must be considered when determining who the refund is issued to. 

We strongly discourage you from using refunds for anything other than college-related necessities and that you borrow only funds necessary to cover your school-related costs.