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The Meeting House

Student Profiles - Jessika Kovach

Jessika KovachHi Jessika! Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jessika Kovach and I’m majoring in criminal justice and psychology. I’m from a small town in Northern Maine called Woodland. I’ve lived in Woodland my whole life and graduated from Caribou High School in 2014. Some of my passions in life are baking, exercising, working with animals, and community volunteer work. I love to see my family and friends’ expressions of happiness when they receive baked goods that I’ve made for them. Through my volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and the Criminal Justice club, I’ve been able to receive the precious gift of putting a smile on somebody’s face after cooking them breakfast. I’ll be aiding citizens in building new homes for those in need during spring break. 

How did you hear about Husson, and what made you decide that Husson was the right fit for you?

I initially heard about Husson through my older cousin. He is a graduate of the University and a successful Certified Public Accountant. After listening to him describe the University, the campus size, and the number of classmates that he had in each class, I was very interested. In my senior year, I grew interested in the field of criminal justice, but quickly concluded that one major was not enough. Thankfully, Husson University had a five-year dual criminal justice and psychology degree program that encompassed two of my interests.  

Shortly after beginning classes in my senior year of high school, I scheduled a tour of Husson University. Upon arriving, my mother and I received immediate assistance with a parking question. I was given a tour by another Caribou High School graduate. The tour began with a visit to Professor John Michaud’s office. Professor Michaud took time out of his busy schedule to sit and answer any questions my mother and I had. After the meeting, my tour guide walked us through the campus and explained course offerings, dorm life, and campus life. After the tour, we made our way to the Office of Financial Aid to better understand the the costs associated with attending Husson University. Surprisingly, the cost was much lower than other schools that I had applied to.  Given the quality of a Husson education, the price can’t be beat.

Some of the other factors that led me to choose Husson University were the class sizes and the size of the campus. I have not taken a single course where there were more than thirty-five people. I’m able to receive individualized attention, when needed, in order to succeed. Husson University will challenge you, but those challenges only help prepare you for the future. There are many different clubs and organizations that you can join and I highly encourage you to participate - especially as freshmen. I know that it may seem intimidating at first, but you will be eternally grateful for becoming involved! The aspects of the criminal justice program that I thoroughly enjoy are the professors. Each and every professor not only has a degree in their area of teaching, but they’ve also worked in their career field. Many Universities have professors who have doctorates, but no real-world experience. Here at Husson, real-world experience in the profession is essential. When questions arise in class, the professors are ready with a listening ear to answer them. If the question is one that they’re unsure of, they’ll make it their mission to find the correct answer. 

Jessika KovachWhat do you think sets Husson apart?

Here at Husson University, I simply cannot give enough praise to the faculty, especially in the School of Legal Studies. All the professors are committed to each and every student’s success. I live hours away from my parents. Having professors who are willing to sit down with you and discuss class issues or personal issues with confidence has truly been a blessing. All the professors have office hours posted on their doors. My professor and advisor always says that if his light is on, we’re welcome to come in, even though the hours may not be posted on the door.

How would you describe campus life?

Campus life at Husson University is what you make of it. There are many different clubs and organizations that are offered. You’re sure to find one that suits your individual interest. Student Activities does a great job providing activities during the weeknights and especially during the weekends. During the weekends, a few favorite activities include Grocery Bingo, Name That Tune, and Ice Cream Sundae Night. I am currently involved with the Criminal Justice Club, Habitat for Humanity, and the Dance Team Club here at Husson University. Students are required to do a minimum of 40 community service hours. By joining a club, you're able to earn community service hours, give back to the community, and pursuing your interests. 

Husson University is a safe, clean, and financially affordable place to receive higher education in a number of career fields. Here at Husson, the faculty is here to serve the students. Located in a central location with multiple dorm facilities and a newly renovated dining facility, Husson understands how to prepare its students for life beyond college and how to prepare students to enter the workforce to become productive, successful members of society.