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Pharmacology (MS)

Admission of students into the program after completion of a B.S. degree in an applicable science will require an undergraduate GPA  of greater than or equal to 3.00. For Pharm.D. students, if they applied to the program with a completed B.S. degree, they will meet the same admission standard as for any other student applying with a B.S. degree. However, if they have not completed a B.S. program prior to admission to the Pharm.D. program, they will be required to accumulate sufficient credits in the professional program to meet a 120 credit hour undergraduate degree - combining their pre-pharmacy course work with the professional course credit. This combined 120 credit hour program of study would also require a GPA of greater than or equal to 3.00 for regular admission to the M.S. program. 

For students entering the program from an undergraduate B.S. program that lacked sufficient biology or chemistry courses, students may be required to complete a nominal number of undergraduate courses to provide the foundation for the advanced courses in the program. 

All students will be required to submit GRE or MCAT test results, or their most recent PCAT test results if a Pharm.D. student. Along with the test results, three letters of recommendation from academic professionals would also be required.