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Students working with audio video equipment at Husson Alive event

Session Descriptions

New England School of Communications


Graphic Design – Social Media Ad Design

(Morning Session Full)

Do you enjoy design? Would you like to learn how the pros visually communicate to an audience? Graphic design is the art of creatively combining text and imagery to produce a compelling message. In this session, you will create a social media graphic to promote Husson Alive!. Participants will use current graphic design industry software to manipulate imagery and text into a design ready to market the annual Husson Alive event.

Marketing Communications 

Sell This! Creating a Marketing Plan  

Have you had a great idea for a product but thought 'I wouldn’t know how to sell it'? This workshop will teach you how. Learn how to use the 5Ps of Marketing to sell anything. Participants will create a marketing plan by targeting an audience, creating a message and advertising that will make a product stand out from the crowd.


Advertising 101

You’ve watched those Super Bowl commercials. Now learn what goes into making them from researching the target audience to identify what will appeal to them to the creative process of brainstorming ideas and writing the storyboard to actually shooting the spot. You’ll get to do it all!


Radio Broadcasting

The Human Connection, or what Spotify and Pandora can’t do

After a while, listening only to music that some software program thinks you’ll like is boring.  That is why radio continues to be the favorite source of entertainment and information. What is radio’s magic that keeps the audience coming back for more?  It’s the creation of a connection with listener. This session will explore how this connection is made by participants actually going on the air with Husson’s WHSN 89.3FM to work as a DJ.



How to Write TV News

In this session you’ll learn about the basics of journalism preparing you for a press conference with a real Maine State Trooper. Next you’ll act as a reporter trying to get to the bottom of what happened in a simulated “accident” on campus, then you’ll write the story.


Audio Engineering 

What is Audio Post Production?  

Been to a movie lately?  Was it silent? Of course not!  In this session, students will be introduced to what Audio Post Production is and will create the audio for a short video by recording and mixing sound effects and dialogue to accompany a short video production.  We’ll use NESCom ADR/Foley booth and Pro Tools rig to create a spectacular soundscape!


Working with a Rock Band in a Recording Studio  

From setting up microphones to using different recording Techniques, this session will introduce students to what happens when a band comes into a professional recording studio.  In this workshop, students will create a sophisticated multi-track recording session of live music in the NESCom recording studio, using the full capabilities of a professional microphone closet and control room.


Electronic Music & Sound Synthesis  

You don’t need a trumpet, guitar or drums or voices to make music, all you need is a Synthesizer.  Join Scott Loiselle in a journey to the world beyond instrumentation and explore the exciting, old-school world of sound synthesis and electronic music production.


Live Sound Technology

Audio For Rock Concerts and Live TV 

Do you like going to concerts?  Do you love the sound of giant drums though big speakers?  Have you ever thought it might be fun to mix a band on a huge sound console?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join us and learn about the exciting world of live audio.  In this session, you will help build a sound system for a live TV and concert event. You will also get to experiment with high tech mixing consoles, experience massive loudspeaker arrays, and much more.  If you love music, concerts, and cool equipment, then this session is for you.


Mixing The Hit Single 

Recording is only one part of the music production process.  When everything is tracked, the song must be mixed. This session will explore the music mixing process and the cool tools employed by producers and mix engineers.  Drums will be made to sound huge, guitars tweaked, and effects added to vocals. Come experience the excitement and creativity of music mixing.



An inside look at Photography past and present

(Morning Session Full)

What are some of the innovations which led to the development of permanent photography.

How did early cinematography spur innovation in still film photography and how have digital still cameras influenced contemporary cinematography. In this workshop you will be able to apply these innovations hands on in a real professional still portrait studio. 


Entertainment Production - Theater Production - Audio/Visual Engineering

Augmented Reality   

We will briefly explore how augmented reality (AR) began with the earliest forms of art, storytelling and theater but is now being revolutionized by real time, interactive images in three-dimensional space. This powerful augmentation has the ability to transform the world around us with applications for business, art, entertainment and lots more.  Join us for a hands-on seminar in which we will explore the history, current technology, view AR and even create our own AR scenes.


Production Management for Live Events  

What happens “Behind the Scenes” during a live event?  Find out first hand as we produce a live DJ Event as well as a live taping of THE NITE SHOW in the Gracie Theatre as the finale to HUSSON ALIVE.  Stage Technicians and Production managers are an essential component of live entertainment venues such as theme parks, cruise ships and events. Be a part of the action from scenery to lighting to “talent-wrangling”


Video/Film Production

Lighting Techniques

Light is one of the most powerful tools we have in the world of film and video, It can change how we interpret and how we feel about everything we see on the screen.  This session will take a look at the power of lighting and a few of the techniques & tricks used by lighting professionals that can help you tell the story.  


3D Animation

Are you interested in art and animation? Want to learn how to create your own virtual world? In this workshop you’ll learn the basic skills needed to model objects, place them in 3D space and control their movements. You’ll accurately simulate textures, real world depth, and physics. Unleash your creativity to generate animations you didn’t know you could using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and MAXON Cinema 4D. 


Editing to Control Viewers 

(Afternoon Session Full)

This session will look at the most basic functions that film & video editors can consider, in an effort to control what viewers think about the characters, scenarios and potential outcomes of movie scenes.  There will be a discussion, short lecture, and hands on practice with a few techniques. This is for beginners, but does require basic Premiere Pro knowledge (ingesting of clips, and editing to a timeline).

Live Television Remote Production 

Be part of a team and work together to create a finished product in a live television environment.  Learn about the roles, software and equipment in a 6 camera shoot with a Grass Valley Karrera Switcher, which is being used around the world to make the TV shows that everyone watches.  You will be a part of the video team that makes The Nite Show with Danny Cashman happen!!

Integrated Technology

IT Interactive Web Design Workshop  

Come and explore integrated technologies. Through hands-on activities, you will explore a quick overview of interactive web design. In an introduction to HTML/CSS/JavaScript workshop you'll try your hand at web creation: can you create the Ugliest Webpage? Make an image change? Create animated pages?  Attendees will progress through the exploration workshop with first-hand experience in interactive web design.


IT Create a Simple Game in Python Workshop

Come and explore integrated technologies. Through our hands-on activity you will explore the Python programming language and use it to create simple computer vs one player game. Can you win?  Attendees will use Python to gain first-hand experience in introductory Python programming.



Investing for profit and investing to change the world

Students will experience the process of selecting stocks for a real life $300K+  portfolio that Husson students manage every semester. Half hour wrap up for 30 students learning about the value of a college education and the value of internships in building your career at Husson University.

Students will engage in Kiva micro-lending to choose a country, industry and an entrepreneur in 77 different countries across the globe to make a family's dreams come true. Husson students have made over $27K in loans to over 1000 entrepreneurs.  (15 students each 45 minute session.)


 Criminal Justice

Help Solve a Crime

In this session you will learn about how crime scenes are processed, diagrammed and measured. You will take an active role and help the team solve the crime.


Hospitality and Tourism

Hotel Face-Off

Watch a demo of HotelSim and participate in naming and making business decisions for a hotel. Come help your team win the competition by making decisions about room rates, renovations, recreational facilities, and more.


Legal Studies

Murder Mock Trial

We will put together a crime scene and with progression into court, where we will discuss evidence, issues of law vs. issues of fact, direct and cross-examination, etc. The thought is that we will adapt the case we use for the Mock Trial in the PL and FS capstone class, which will have just been concluded.




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