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Student Complaint Policy

Husson University promotes a community of learning that provides access to faculty, staff, and administration. We are committed to resolving problems experienced by students when interacting at any level with the University. Accordingly, we want to know if you are experiencing difficulties resulting from the University's policies or the actions of its employees, agents, or volunteers. The University encourages students with complaints to seek informal resolution of the complaint prior to initiating a formal process. An informal process involves a direct conversation with the person who has caused the difficulty; the conversation is conducted in a fashion that is calm and professional. All members of the University community are expected to engage in these conversations with an attitude of listening, understanding, and respect for the other person regardless of the merit of the complaint.

If those involved with the complaint are unable to resolve the matter through an informal process, or the matter is of such a nature that it cannot appropriately be discussed with the person causing the complaint, then the student may initiate the formal process as follows:

1. Please use the document provided here. The complaint should clearly identify the circumstances, the specific complaint, and the desired resolution. The written document should also provide the contact information for the student initiating the complaint. Such complaints should be submitted to the Administrative Assistant of the Provost who will direct it to the attention of an appropriate University representative (e.g., Dean, Associate Dean, or Department Chair). The person submitting the complaint will receive a response or update on its status within 30 days.

2. If the Department, School, or College is unable to address the issue, or it is not addressed to the student's satisfaction, then the student may request of the Provost's Administrative Assistant that the complaint be directed to the appropriate University office or personnel for further consideration. The appeal may require further conversations with the student and the party against whom the complaint has been filed.

Matters of serious legal or consequential outcomes will be directed without delay to other appropriate venues. All matters shall be considered confidential and shall involve only the necessary parties and representatives of the University. Records of complaints and their resolutions shall be retained in such a way to respect the privacy of the complainant. Students should rest assured that their complaints will not result in retaliation.

The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) also has a procedure to receive complaints from other institutions, students, faculty, or the public against a university, including tuition and fee policies, and as related to NECHE standards, policies or procedures. Such complaints shall be placed in writing in detail by the complainant and submitted to the NECHE office. You may review the criteria for making a public comment or filing a formal complaint and download the required complaint form at If the complaint meets the Commission's criteria for consideration, it will be forwarded to the University's President, who is asked to respond within 30 days. At NECHE's next regularly scheduled meeting, the Commission may consider both the complaint and the Husson University's response and determine whether or not further action is required. The complainant and the institution will be notified in writing of the Commission's decision in the matter. For guidance on filing either a Public Comment or Complaint, you may email

For information on registering a complaint against the University in the State of Maine, students should contact the following agencies for additional information. When the Consumer Protection Division receives a complaint, they will determine whether it is suitable to refer to their Consumer Mediation Service. In many cases, the best response is to provide the complainant with information on how to resolve your problem.

Maine Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
6 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333



Maine Department of Education
Angel Martinez Loredo
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333-0023
Telephone:  (207) 624-6846
Fax:  (207) 624-6841


The policies and procedures with respect to student complaints are not meant to prevent a student from seeking immediate resolution to a matter that could result in ongoing and serious physical, emotional, or financial harm to the student or to others. Rather, they are meant to foster a productive and meaningful resolution to legitimate student concerns.