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Students walking on campus of Husson University

About the Black Bear Battalion

Military training has been a part of the University of Maine for more than 140 years. The commissioning of Army Officers from this program is a time honored tradition that continues today as each spring, we commission new Second Lieutenants into the United States Army.

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Maine is a voluntary program designed to enhance a student's education by providing unique and challenging leadership and management experience. This program helps students develop self esteem, self-discipline, physical stamina, teamwork, management skills, and other qualities essential to success in any workplace.

The Black Bear Battalion currently has over 8o cadets enrolled in the program and is the only Army ROTC program in the state of Maine. These cadets come from various degree programs including engineering, nursing, criminal justice, political science, and many other academic programs. They come from various locations around the state and the country. The battalion staff possess decades of valuable experience that they draw from to teach these cadets what it means to be a leader in today's modern Army.

The program involves both classroom and applied learning. Through "hands on" instruction, students learn and practice related skills. Through activities like orienteering, paintball, rappelling, rifle marksmanship, and field training exercises, the program stresses teamwork and the application of leadership principles to overcome situational problems and obstacles. As students progress through the program, senior cadets are given the opportunity to lead and teach underclassmen.

The Black Bear Battalion has a long history full of tradition and pride that is instilled in each cadet that joins our corps of cadets. For more information read below!

Army ROTC cadets are strongly encouraged to be involved in activities both within ROTC and the outside community. The following are organizations within Army ROTC:

  • Ranger Challenge Team

The Ranger Challenge Team is a group of highly motivated cadets that look to set and exceed the standard within the Black Bear Battalion. They train through out the fall for the Ranger Challenge Competition at Fort Devens , MA in October. The competition is two days in length and involves cadets competing in the following events:
'Ä¢ Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
'Ä¢ Marksmanship
'Ä¢ Weapons Disassembly and Assembly
'Ä¢ Land Navigation
'Ä¢ Field Leaders Reaction Course (FLRC)
'Ä¢ Obstacle Course
'Ä¢ Hand Grenade Assault Course
'Ä¢ 10K Road March

Ranger Challenge

  • Color Guard

Color Guard team is a group of cadets that performs drill and ceremony at Army ROTC events such as the Dining In, Military Ball, and Commissioning Ceremonies. The Color Guard team also performs at other campus events such as varsity sports games and graduation.

  • 20th Maine Honor Society

20th Maine, the Military Honor Society of the First Maine Cadet Battalion, provides its membership with professional development through a program of seminars, research projects, and guest speakers on national defense subjects. The Society further seeks to aid the University and the community through cooperative assistance and community action projects. Membership consists of sophomore, junior, and senior cadets who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, high moral character, scholarship (both in Military Science and in other disciplines), and service to the ROTC program and the University.

The 20th Maine Honor Society

Name Phone and Email Address

(207) 581-1121
209 Peabody Hall
Husson University
1 College Circle, Bangor, ME