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Students walking on campus of Husson University

Process for Receiving Accommodations

Husson University's process for students receiving accommodations is below. In order to facilitate the process of receiving accommodations you must:

  • Meet with a Student Success Advisor within the OASIS office to provide documentation of your disability and to request accommodations;
  • Deliver copies of the accommodation letter to the instructor(s) of all classes for which you will be using your accommodations;
  • Have instructors date and initial your copy of your accommodation letter to indicate receipt of their copy; keep your copy for your files;
  • Contact the OASIS office in a timely manner if a faculty member disagrees as to the reasonableness or the implementation of an accommodation;
  • Communicate with each of your instructors in order to determine where tests will be taken and/or completed;
  • Schedule your tests with the OASIS office at least one week in advance of the tests if you will be using the OASIS office as your testing location; and
  • Show up on time and prepared with appropriate supplies, materials and equipment (if required) for your test.

NOTE: Your instructor will provide a copy of your test to OASIS, and OASIS is responsible for returning the completed test to your instructor.