A student working on classwork

Dedicated to guiding students through the academic and creative processes

Whether you are looking for some brush-up help in trig, a sounding board for that midnight epiphany on Burns, or a total immersion in study skills, Husson is dedicated to helping you navigate through the academic requirements of your college experience.

At Husson, the Center for Academic Services (CAS), the Writing Center and the Learning Center are available (and free) to help students with their academic needs. Many students come to the CAS to ask for assistance in finding the right tutor or receiving other academic help; some students head straight to the Writing or Learning Centers to line up their own tutor. Either way, Husson University has resources to help all students along the path to academic success.

The Center for Academic Services (CAS) offers assistance with tutoring, study skills, and even an occasional "kick in the right place" when you need it. Learning at the college level is different and there are better ways to get through your coursework. We know; we've been there.

The Writing Center is geared towards all things writing: Composition, the creative process, grammar, style, perhaps even laying the groundwork for your "magnum opus." With help in evaluating your papers before they have to be submitted, you'll get the feedback you need and, quite probably, a better grade. Plus, it's just a neat place to hang out.

The Learning Center houses tutors to assist with both general undergraduate classes and degree specific courses. The atmosphere is laid-back, with peer-tutors who have complained about chemistry, understand the pain of physics, and are aware of the agony of algebra--just like you. Plus, the service is totally free! So come by and grab a cup of coffee while you finish your homework or prepare for that midterm...you'll be glad you did!