Booking Airfare

After you have paid the program fee, and after we reach the minimum enrollment numbers to run the program, we will send you an email instructing you to book your round-trip flights to and from Bangor, Maine. Do NOT book your airfare until you get the email telling you to do so.

Flight information:
Fly into Bangor International Airport (BGR) on Saturday, July 5th.
Fly out of Bangor International Airport (BGR) on Saturday, August 2nd.

After you book your itinerary, send it to Mr. Mark Messer so he will know when to pick you up at the airport. If you make any changes to your itinerary, be sure to update Mr. Messer.

Getting Ready

The more you prepare before the program, the more you will learn while you're here. Here are some tips for what to do before you come and how to get the most out of this trip.

Before you come:
Boost your general language skills by
  • watching movies, TV shows, the news, and more in English
  • listening to radio programs and more on the internet
  • talking to people as much as possible in English
  • naming the things you see around you
  • finding the names of the things you don't know
  • putting English labels on objects in your house
  • keeping a daily diary of your thoughts, feelings, and actions during the day
  • writing descriptions of the people and things around you
  • writing what's happening around you like it's a story
  • noticing everything you see in English
  • reading news that interests you in English
  • reading as many interesting stories as you can
Learn about your destination by
  • exploring the links in the "Where is the program?" webpage
  • following the links in the "Where might we go?" webpage
  • exploring your free-time options in the "What about free time?" webpage
  • researching these places and things on your own
  • reading weather reports and watching video forecasts here.
  • eating American food when possible
  • listen to Maine radio stations on the internet (Here are a few: WERU (eclectic), MPBN (public), WHSN (The Husson student station), WBZN (Top 40)
  • read the Bangor Daily News newspaper online

While you're here:
  • continue to listen to local radio stations, watch local television stations, and read the Bangor Daily News
  • read English-language newspapers from your country, or use a website like Google News to search for news about your country in English
  • use English as much as possible while you're here
  • if you're curious about something you've seen or done, ask questions about it
  • if you don't know how to say something, ask for help
  • try new things even if you don't think you'll like them. My friend said you have to try new things five times before you can say for sure that you don't like them. I think she's wise.
  • start friendships (don't expect to be close friends right away, but you can start a friendship here and stay in touch with social media (Facebook, etc.)