Transfer Admissions


There's still time to transfer for the Fall semester! 

Here at Husson we have streamlined the transfer process to ensure students transfer hassle free. We have a flexible transfer credit policy that allows students to maximize their credits. Many students have chosen to transfer to Husson to complete their education.  Affordable programs, supportive professors, and a commitment to hands-on learning will prepare you for the rewarding, successful professional career you have in mind. 

Husson is known for its friendly campus and programs that have led generations of students to lives of exciting careers, personal growth, and leadership. We invite you to explore what we have to offer. Our friendly Admissions staff is here to help you through the transfer process, getting you one step closer to achieving your professional goals. 

Josiah HartleyStudents who have attended other accredited institutions and who wish to transfer to Husson are admitted to advanced standing on the quality of their credentials. Such transfer students should have the institution(s) attended send official transcripts of the course work completed to the Husson Admissions Office for evaluation. This should be done as part of the process of applying for admission to the University. Invitations are extended to all transfer students to arrange interviews with the Admissions Office.

The essence of the transfer policy is an evaluation of the individual's complete official transcript(s) from the institution(s) previously attended. It is the student's responsibility to have these transcripts forwarded to the Husson Admissions Office. Upon admission to the University, a copy of the evaluation of transfer credit is forwarded to the transfer student.

A transfer student who is admitted to Husson from an accredited institution is granted academic credit for acceptable transfer courses with the following guidelines:

  • The transfer student with an associate degree may be granted advanced standing, i.e., junior status with sixty (60) credit hours accepted from the transcript. The student must be aware that more than two additional academic years at Husson may be necessary to complete the degree requirements for a specific Bachelor of Science degree program. Earning degree credits in the summer sessions at Husson may shorten the length of time.
  • The transfer student, after becoming a resident student at Husson, cannot transfer additional credits from any other institution into a Husson degree or certificate program.
  • A transfer student without an associate degree is granted academic credit for courses in which a "C" or better grade had been attained, or demonstrates academic performance which is acceptable to the Chief Academic Officer and Director of Admissions.
Students who transfer into Husson University must complete their final 30 credit hours at Husson University.

Transfer Credit Policy for Degree Candidates

A student at Husson University who is a degree candidate and has not transferred any credit hours from another college or university may transfer twelve (12) credits to be applied toward a bachelor's degree program or six (6) credits to apply toward an associate degree program. However, students are not permitted to transfer in any part of the last year's work in their program [usually thirty (30) semester hours]. A transfer student who becomes a Husson degree candidate cannot transfer in additional credit beyond what was accepted in transfer at the time of admission to Husson University. A minimum grade of "C" must be earned for the course to be eligible for transfer. Students should consult specific program information and/or department heads to determine whether additional requirements or limitations apply.

For more information about transfer credits, please contact the Admissions Office.

Name Phone and Email Address
Adam Smith
Assistant Director, Transfer Admissions
125 O'Donnell Commons
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, ME 04401