Summer English Registration

Summer English Enrichment Registration

If you are a university student who speaks English as a second language well enough,and you would like to attend the Husson Summer English Enrichment program, please follow these steps.
1. Fill out the online registration form below. Registration should be made by April 15, 2015. If you have trouble opening these forms, contact us at and request a registration form which you can fill out and submit as an email attachment.
2. After you have completed the registration, it may take a few days for us to process it. If there is space in the program, we will send you an email asking you to submit payment via peerTransfer. Please do not pay the program fee until we notify you.

Fields marked with * are required.

What are your most recent TOEIC, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL CBT, or IELTS scores? * Be sure to list both the TOEIC Reading and Listening scores, your combined TOEFL score, or your total IELTS score.

Have you traveled to an English-speaking country before? If so, where did you go? How long were you there?

Have you studied any second languages other than English? * If so, please write which languages and how long you've studied them.

If the program is full when you register, do you want to be put on a waiting list?

Do you have any allergies? How severe are they? For example, Shrimp (very allergic), cats (a little allergic)

Do you have any medical, physical, or psychological conditions that might affect your participation in this camp? (For example, if you have asthma, hiking might be difficult.)

Who should we contact if you have an accident or another emergency? Though this is unlikely, we need to be prepared. The person should speak English well. If an employee at your university is helping you with this form, you could list them. Please include name, telephone number, and an email address.