This guide lists sources of information for finance. It is not inclusive, but is meant to provide a starting place when you are looking for information. For additional information, please talk with a librarian.

Locating Books

Use Minerva, the library's online catalog, to search for books owned by the library. To search Minerva, click on Finding Books and then Go to Minerva. Typical subject headings to search under include: Banks and Banking; Economics; Finance; Financial institutions; Inflation; Investments; Money . Also, try combining the terms Finance or Financial with other terms for types of industries, services or organizations to narrow your search results. For browsing purposes, the call number ranges associated with finance are: HG 1 - 9999 (finance); HG 1501 - 3550 (banking); and HG 8011 - 9999 (insurance).

Locating Journal Articles

Click on Finding Articles. Scroll down and click on Go to Online Resources and Journal Indexes. To find articles in journals, choose an index or resource from the alphabetical list. Or, click on one of the subject areas to see only the indexes and resources appropriate for that subject. A few of the appropriate ones for finance topics are listed below. You will then have to check our List of Journal Subscriptions to see if Sawyer Library owns the journal an article is in. The list may be accessed from the library's Finding Articles page. Printed copies are also available.

Business Source Premier
An index of articles from more than 1,000 journals covering business, management, economics, finance, banking, accounting, and much more. It includes the full text of many articles. Searches may be limited to only peer reviewed articles. (Off-campus access: last name & library barcode number preceded by HUS)

Economic literature including accounting, capital markets, econometrics, economic forecasting, monetary theory and more. (Off-campus access: last name & library barcode number preceded by HUS)

Value Line Research Center
A full-text database that provides on-line access to Value Line's leading publications covering stocks, mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks. Online titles include: The Value Line Investment Survey, The Value Line Investment Survey - Small and Mid-Cap Edition, The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey, The Value Line Daily Options Survey, The Value Line Special Situations Service, The Value Line Convertibles Survey, and Exchange Traded Funds ( ETFs ). Updated daily. (Off-campus access: last name & library barcode number preceded by HUS)

A collection of approximately 35 bibliographic and full-text databases. Searches may be limited to articles found only in journals owned by the Sawyer Library. It includes the following indexes that are most appropriate for finance information:

Business & Industry
A full-text database containing facts, figures, and key events for international public and private companies, industries, and products.

Business Dateline
A selective full-text database of business articles from over 450 newspapers, city business magazines and wire services in the U.S. and Canada .

A full-text database of financial reports on publicly owned companies.

A full-text database of financial reports on companies worldwide.

Some of the journals owned by Sawyer Library that provide finance information include:

ABA Banking
Journal of Corporate Finance Review
Financial Management
Financial Planning
Independent Banker
New York Times
U.S. Banker
Wall Street Journal

Other Resources

Annual Reports
The latest 2 years of annual reports for approximately 400 well-known publicly owned companies . Located alphabetically in file cabinets.

Dow Jones Guide to the World Stock Market [Ref. HG 4661 D69 1996]

Encyclopedia of Banking and Finance [Ref. HG 151 E63 1993]

Who's Who in Finance and Industry [Ref. HF 3023 A2 W5]

World Wide Web Sites

Yahoo Finance Listings [ ]

Financial statements that companies filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission. 1994 - present only.

Wall Street Research Net[]
Provides access to all kinds of information on companies and financial markets.

FINWeb []
Provides links to major finance and economics journals, working paper series, and databases.