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Cable T.V.

Standard Time Warner Cable television (70+ channels) is provided in all Husson University Residential Halls. There is at least one cable outlet per residential room. No sign up is required. All you need is a coaxial cable and a cable ready television then just plug in and surf some channels!

Click here for the TV channel listing.

Plugging in:

To connect your TV, first you need a Coaxial Cable. These are available at the Bookstore, or at surrounding electronic stores like Best Buy and Walmart.

Cable diagram

Connect one end to your TV and the other to the jack on the wall. Next on your TV you need to run a Channel Scan. You should be able to find this option within the menus of your TV or in the Owner's Manual for the TV.


Q: Where do I get a Coaxial Cable to set my T.V. up with cable?

A few of these cables are available for purchase at the bookstore, otherwise you can find a coaxial cable at most electronics stores in the surrounding Bangor area like RadioShack, WalMart and BestBuy.

Q: How Do I Get cable TV In My Dorm Room?

All residential rooms are equipped with at least one outlet to receive cable television. Using a standard coaxial cable (also called an RF cable), connect your cable-ready television to the CATV (cable jack) wall outlet. If you are using a VCR or DVD player as your tuner, connect it to the CATV wall outlet, then connect the device to your television.

Also, there is no rule against having a cable splitter in your room. Keep in mind however, using a splitter will cause signal degradation, therefore the quality will not be at its best.

If you need immediate assistance, call the Help Desk at 207-973-1000