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Click here for the Troubleshooting video. Additional videos as well as an in-depth training video can be found by clicking the Instructional Videos link to the right.

Click here to download the basic Classroom Technology Guide

General Tips:In classroom technology connectors

  • It is best to start with your laptop off before plugging in the VGA cable.
  • Check for bent pins on the VGA connector.
  • Do not physically move the projector, they are locked in place.
  • Powering the projector/laptop off, then on fixes most issues.
  • If using the speakers, make sure the volume is unmuted and turned up at least half way on your laptop.
  • The MUTE button on the control panel mutes video, not audio.
  • DVD players and cables to connect them do not come standard in the classrooms.
  • The optimal resolution for the projectors are 1024x768.
  • The projectors take about 20 seconds to power on.


Q: Why will the projector not turn on?

A: Try hitting the OFF button on the control panel, and then the ON button again. If that doesn't work check the projector itself, if there are two red lights blinking, the bulb is blown and call the Help Desk or submit a ticket for further assistance.

Q: The projector is on but says "No input detected" or the picture seems discolored, jittery, or comes in and out.

A: Try unplugging the VGA cable from your laptop, checking if any pins are bent, and plug it back in. Next check the jack on the wall and make sure the cable is securely plugged in there, however do not attempt to remove the cable from the wall.

Q: The projector image seems oversized, skewed, or still reads "No input detected"

A: This is a resolution issue on your laptop, DO NOT PHYSICALLY MOVE THE PROJECTOR. The optimal resolution for our projectors are 1024x768. For help adjusting the resolutions click the links below, or call or visit the Help Desk



Q: Why can't I hear anything through the speakers?

A: For a laptop, make sure the LAPTOP button is selected and the projector is ON. Check the cable to your laptop and make sure the audio cable (the smaller cable splitting off from the larger VGA cable) is plugged into the correct port, usually the headphone jack. Make sure the cable is also plugged into the wall. Turn the volume up on your laptop to half way or more. Adjust the volume levels from the control panel. If there is still no audio, call the Help Desk for Assistance.

Q: The projector shut off randomly, did it get overheated?

A: Probably not. The projectors automatically shut off after 3 hours if none of the buttons are pushed, even if your laptop is connected. While the projector is on and you push any button, even the volume buttons, the internal 3 hour shut off timer is reset.