For PharmD student Scott Milton, attending Husson University was all about getting an opportunity to pursue his dreams of becoming a pharmacist having completed a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor's of Education. "I come from Woodstock, a Canadian town in the province of New Brunswick. Since New Brunswick doesn't have a pharmacy school, I looked into trying to attend a pharmacy program in another Canadian province. It was so frustrating. If you don't live in that province, there are limited openings available to you. Most of the spots are reserved for province residents." School of Pharmacy Student, Scott Milton

When studying pharmacy in his native Canada didn't work out, Scott looked into Husson University. "While other universities said, "Don't even bother applying," Husson was different. They were willing to work with me - finance and admissions especially." He noticed that Husson provided free tutoring to its students but more importantly to him, Husson provided Scott with employment and peer mentorship opportunities for incoming students.

Giving high marks to Husson's faculty and staff, Scott singled out Kristen Card in Graduate Admissions and Dr. Eric Jarvi, Associate Dean of the School of Pharmacy for their help in making his experience at Husson exceptional. "Dr. Jarvi goes out of his way to make you a part of things. He invited me to pharmacy events where I got a lot of practical knowledge and learned about opportunities for personal development. I will always be grateful to Dr. Jarvi. He went out of his way to make sure I was networking with the right people."

This led to Scott joining one of the Pharmacy fraternities here at Husson. Today, he lives off campus with some of his fraternity brothers who are all in the same year and all taking the same classes. "I lived alone for the first two years and that was OK, but living with these guys is great. Since we're all trying to get the same degree there's a real sense of teamwork. We've got similar interests and can help each other review for exams. And I know they're always there if I need help with a certain topic."

Scott feels as if he is part of the community. "I enjoy hanging out in downtown Bangor and I always feel safe here. It's the perfect location for me. Close enough to Portland if I want to go there or to Canada if I feel like going home. Between studying, rush events, snowboarding, scuba diving or going running in the City Forest, there's always something for me to do."

Professional activities are also open to Scott. "I participated in a blood pressure clinic at Sebasticook Valley Hospital. I liked working with the community and helping patients with hypertension. It's rewarding. Eat healthy, walk, take your meds. The small daily lifestyle changes you make can all add up to create a big impact."

Scott feels well prepared for after graduation. "If you put in the effort, you'll do well. Look at me. I'm two years away from graduating and I've already had a job offer. Wherever I ultimately choose to go, I know I'll be ready."