Husson Service Award

  • Service to the University’s community
  • Service to the University

There will be two Husson Service Awards. The committee will select the first recipient to be that individual who best demonstrates outstanding service to the University’s community – i.e. in the external environment in which we live and work. The second Award will be presented to the individual who best demonstrates outstanding service to the University – i.e. the internal environment in which we live and work.

Husson Research Award

All full-time faculty and staff are eligible for nomination or application. Nominations are welcome from students, peers, or self-nomination.

The Husson Research Award will be presented to the faculty member who demonstrates and achieves scholarly work as recognized/reviewed by his or her peers.


Process: The nomination and application process is envisioned to be easy and not onerous on the individual. Completed applications/nominations are to emphasize the basis for the recommendation and include:
  • 1. A description of nominees service or research activities to be considered
  • 2. Materials that would support the engagement of the nominee in the community
  • 3. Examples of scholarly materials to be considered

The Dean’s Council will review nominations/applications for the research award and make a recommendation for the selection of the recipient. The President’s Cabinet will review the service nomination/applications for recommended recipients.  This process is intended to be inclusive and is not intended to create an administrative burden on the nominator or applicant. 

Award Winners

Distinguished Community Service Award
2014 Dewey Martin, B.S., M.S., C.P.A., C.M.A.
2013 Cornel Plebani, M.A.
2012  Christine Selby, Ph.D.
2011  Lee Speronis
2010  Teresa Steele

Distinguished University Service Award
2014 John Lowe, Ph.D.
2013 Connie Sprague, M.S.N.
2012  J. Douglas Wellington, J.E., L.L.M.
2011  Valerie Herbert
2010  Marie Hansen

Distinguished Research Award
2014 - Karl Bishop, Ph.D.
2013 Ben Sidaway, Ph.D.
2012  William Lindblad, Ph.D.
2011  Shuhua Bai
2010  Phil Grant