Husson University Teams Up with SALT to get students financially savvy!

Ever wished you had your own money coach to help you make better decisions about spending, saving, and borrowing money?

Whether you’re trying to keep enough dollars in your pocket to enjoy the occasional recreation, wondering how you’ll repay all those student loans, or out in the real world trying to balance your budget, chances are money is on your mind—a lot. Now you have a free resource to help you beef up your money skills, thanks to the new educational program SALT.

Husson University strongly believes in empowering students with the information and tools necessary to help students make good money decisions!
Not only will students have access to the web based program while in school but well after graduation and into the real world!

Check out what SALT offers Husson Students!

1. Understanding student loans- The choices you make now in borrowing for college can affect your financial wellness for years to come. Learn the difference between federal and private loans, or subsidized vs. unsubsidized interest. Making better borrowing decisions now can put more cash in your wallet later.

2. Money Coach Courses- students will have access to videos, blogs and tutorials on how to get financially savvy, including tutorials on student loans, credit cards, savings, etc.

3. Personal Dashboard- think you have a good idea of what your finances will look like after graduation? The dashboard looks at student loan indebtedness, potential salary information and additional factors to provide students with an idea of what their financial life might look like after they graduate.

4. Expert counselors- As a SALT member, you have access to chat with a student loan expert one-on-one via email or phone.

5. Access to scholarship, job and internship searches!

We use SALT in the classroom and as part of the financial aid process. We want all student to get on the money and register for SALT!

Click here to check out SALT!

Check out this video about facing the red!