Ready to pay?

How much does it cost?

The program fee ($2990) includes the following:
  • transportation from Bangor International Airport to Husson on July 5th
  • transportation from Husson to Bangor International Airport on August 2nd
  • transportation to and from all required program activities
  • housing in a Husson dormitory with bed linens included
  • meals in Husson's Dickerman Dining Center
  • 15 hours/week of classes to boost your general English and prepare you for fun
  • regular English conversation opportunities
  • cultural activities off campus
  • half-day and full day visits to popular tourist spots with some activities
The program fee does NOT include these expenses:
  • airfare and other travel expenses from your home to Bangor International Airport and from Bangor International Airport back to your home
  • taxi fare for local travel during your free time
  • spending money for optional activities, incidental expenses like personal supplies (shampoo, soap, etc.), activities and off-campus meals during free time, and souvenirs. The amount of spending money you bring depends on your personal spending habits.
How do I pay the program fee?
After your registration form has been received and processed, we will sending you an email confirming that space is available and asking you to submit payment for the program fee in full ($2990). Husson University uses a service called "peerTransfer" to accept payments from around the world.

To pay, go to the peerTransfer website,

If you're not sure what to do, click the "How it works" link at the top to watch a video at the bottom of the page, or watch it here.

If you'd like help in your own language, click the "Help" link on the website front page, or go to it here.

When you use peerTransfer to make a payment to Husson University, they may ask you for your student number. We don't require that number. Try the transaction without the student number

If space is not available, and you have asked to be put on the waiting list, you should not pay until after a spot has become available.