Husson University's College of Health and Education Receives Grant from Department of Health and Human Services

Date of Release: July 13, 2011

Husson University's College of Health and Education has been awarded a $251,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services toward its graduate Nursing Education Program. The funds will be awarded each year for three consecutive years providing financial support for implementing two advanced nursing education programs.

"This award is significant because it allows the development of innovative MSN and Post-MSN programs which will help meet Maine's impending nursing shortage. It will prepare nurse educators who are competent in emerging technologies and interdisciplinary collaboration," states Provost Lynne Coy-Ogan.

The new programs will work to meet priorities established in Healthy People 2020 and Healthy Maine 2010. The efforts seek to improve quality health care by removing barriers to access.

The initial cohort of up to eight nurse educators will begin in September of 2011. Subsequent recruiting efforts seek to expand that number to 12 students each year.

"The project is expected to have profound and significant effects of increasing the nursing workforce through expanded access to qualified nursing educators, ultimately improving health outcomes of rural Maine residents," states President Robert A. Clark.

For more information, please contact Amanda Kitchen at 207-992-4925.

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