Husson University Receives Cancer Research Grant

Date of Release: June 30, 2011

Dr. Shuhua Bai, assistant professor in Husson University’s School of Pharmacy, has received a $69,000 grant from the Maine Cancer Foundation.

The research will be aimed at providing important new data on a safe and effective therapeutic approach to lung cancer, focusing on the growing area of gene therapy using nanotechnology to improve treatment efficacy while limiting toxicity. Nanotechnology encompasses dimensions and tolerances of less than 200 nanometers (a nanometer equals a billionth of a meter), including the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.

“Lung cancer accounts for roughly 1,000 deaths in Maine each year. The research that will be conducted by Dr. Bai and his team will seek to improve survival and quality of life for the 9,000 cancer patients in the State,” says Dr. Rodney Larson, Dean of the School of Pharmacy.

The research will also initiate collaboration among research scientists at Husson University, the Maine Institute for Human Genetics and Health (MIHGH), and the University of Maine at Orono. Dr. Bai will work with Dr. Xiong Li, a senior research scientist at MIHGH, and Dr. Carl Tripp, a professor at the Department of Chemistry and Laboratory for Surface Science & Technology (LASST) at the University of Maine at Orono. Four students from Husson University’s School of Pharmacy will serve as research assistants for the project.

“This funding provides the University with an opportunity to collaborate with other institutions to make a difference for cancer patients in Maine,” states President Robert Clark. “It is also an excellent experiential learning opportunity for our students, better preparing a new generation of pharmacy professionals for work here in our State.”

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