Husson University Begins 2011-2012 Academic Year with Record Enrollments

Date of Release: August 25, 2011

This weekend, Husson University will welcome 3,229 students to the Bangor campus, including those attending the New England School of Communications. This is an increase of nearly 100 students over last year.

The University's total enrollment, including NESCom and satellite campuses, will exceed 3,600 students.

"Growth in our enrollment speaks to a need in our community to offer a quality education at a reasonable price," states President Robert Clark. "And, although our numbers are growing, we continue to offer the close-knit collegiate atmosphere and one-on-one attention that so many college-bound students are seeking."

To physically accommodate the growth in student population, construction is underway for a new Living and Learning Center, which will include five experiential learning classrooms as well as four floors of suite-style living space for 244 students. Housing both learning and living space in one facility is not only efficient in terms of building costs, but it also provides a unique, holistic learning environment for the student population. Renovations to the main dining facility are also planned.

New faculty have been hired to offer a wider array of courses and maintain an intimate classroom environment. "We have worked diligently to attract high quality faculty from across the country, who, in addition to their strong academic credentials, have rich professional backgrounds that will bring real world experiences to the classroom," states Provost Lynne Coy-Ogan.

"We look forward to the students returning to campus because they bring so much energy and vitality to our community," states President Robert Clark. "We fully anticipate another successful year full of opportunity and growth potential for each and every student we serve."

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