Husson University Announces Four New Degree Programs

Date of Release: March 12, 2012

Husson University is pleased to announce four new degree programs to begin in the 2012 Fall Semester. The new offerings include Bachelor of Science degree programs in Forensic Science, Software Development, Hospitality & Tourism Management, and Environmental Science. Students who are interested in enrolling in the new programs are encouraged to contact the Husson Admissions Office to begin the application process.

The field of forensic science is expected to expand in the near and distant future. Students pursuing the B.S. in Forensic Science will be prepared for positions within crime laboratories, police departments and medical related fields. Coursework will be science-intensive, focused on Chemistry, Biology, and Forensic Science as well as substantive, evidentiary and procedural law.

"Employers in this in-demand field require a strong science background with excellent critical thinking skills," states Marie Hansen, Director of Legal Studies. "Our students will be exposed to evidence law, crime scene processing, testing and analyzing of typical forensic samples in the laboratory practice expert testimony in court, and more. Husson's comprehensive approach to learning, which includes hands-on experiences and preparation for certifications, will ensure students are ready to meet the comprehensive demands of this field."

The B.S. in Software Development program will prepare students in developing, creating, and modifying enterprise software or specialized utility programs and in developing customized software for clients to optimize operational efficiency. The new degree program is offered in addition to the University's long-standing Computer Information System program, providing students a new opportunity to pursue a more specific focus on either hardware or software.

The B.S. in Environmental Science will prepare students for positions with local, state, and federal government agencies, private environmental organizations, or graduate school in scientific or policy-related environmental disciplines. Students will gain a strong foundation in the natural and physical processes that affect the functioning of the planet, as well as the social and political factors that influence environmental policy and management.

The B.S. in Hospitality & Tourism Management will provide students with high-level skills in guest service, tourism, and travel. Advanced offerings in hospitality such as food and beverage cost controls, supervision and leadership are also included in the program. Hands-on work experience will be a major component to the curriculum, which comes in the form of hospitality internships. Up to this point, the program has been a concentration, but due to the popularity of the program, it has now become its own degree program.

"The new degree programs reflect Husson's commitment to providing students with a quality education that leads to a professional career," states Husson President Robert Clark. "We anticipate a great interest in these offerings because they represent the needs of the workforce both now and into the future."

Students interested in enrolling in these degree programs or other offerings at the University should contact the Husson Admissions office at 1-800-4HUSSON or

For more information regarding this release, please contact Amanda Kitchen at 207-992-4925 or via cell at 207-649-4647.

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