Sports Journalsim

You grew up glued to ESPN. You know your favorite team’s stats like the back of your hand. And you can easily reel off a list of your all time favorite play calls. Can you turn this personal love of the game into a professional career? You can as a sports journalist.Sports Journalism

Truthfully, it’s a competitive field. And unless you’re a Joe Buck, don’t expect inside access overnight (it helps when your dad was a famous announcer first.) But competition is one of the most exciting aspects of sports, isn’t it? And when you study Sports Journalism at the NESCom, you gain a solid grounding in the competitive skills you need to become a capable Sports Journalist. You’ll also get real hands-on experience, including:
  • Play-by-play with color, sports reporting, writing for print, radio, TV and web.
  • Video Production skills
  • Anchoring skills
NESCOM offers a very extensive sports program and that means you’ll begin acquiring skills in this profession your very first semester. Check out our highlight reel at by clicking on student showcase.