Reporting a breaking news story live on air. Writing a thought-provoking op-ed piece for a national newspaper. Doing play-by-play commentary for a sporting event. These are just some of the career opportunities in print and broadcast journalism. NESCom® is well equipped to train students for careers in these demanding fields. The academic program includes classes in TV News Writing & Reporting, Sports Journalism, Video Production, and Web Reporting. Your opportunities to thrive in the news world don't end in the classroom, however. All students can get involved at the campus radio station, the live bi-weekly news program, the student-run newspaper, or the campus broadcast network. Let NESCom® prepare you to be a news anchor, sports columnist, newspaper editor, or photojournalist.

NESCom's Journalism concentration covers many facets. As the medium changes, so does NESCom's curriculum, training students to write for different forms of the media. In the Journalism concentration, students will be trained for print, broadcast and web content.

The learning doesn't stop with writing content for expanding areas of the media. At NESCom®, students become journalists in a real world environment, with integration between concentration areas. You will have the opportunity to write and report for the NESCom® News, on the campus network NBN (NESCom® Broadcasting Network), WHSN 89.3 FM NESCom's radio station; or the student run newspaper "The Spectator". Through it all, you'll gain professional experience that will help you grow.