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A database is a collection of information from newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals and more. Most databases provide access to thousands of publications. You can search by keywords for access to reliable content for the papers you write and research you perform. Databases are viewed online because they work through the Internet, but they are not Web sites. They are part of the "hidden" or "deep" Web where information can only be viewed with a password (Library Card Number: HUS followed by your student ID number).

What is a database?

  • a set of electronic resources subscribed to by the Husson Library.
  • databases meet a range of research needs, including databases with articles specific to business, nursing, etc.
  • databases are typically journal articles, but they can contain images, diagrams, videos, photographs and more.

Why should I use a database?

  • because you need SCHOLARLY articles that have been PEER REVIEWED for your research. (Google is not vetted).
  • because you need reliable content for the papers you have to write

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