Federal Verification Policy

You might see a note on your Student Aid Report saying you've been selected for verification; and we will contact you to inform you that you've been selected on your Award Letter. Verification is the process we use to confirm that the data reported on your FAFSA is accurate. Husson has the authority to contact you for documentation that supports the information you reported. 

If you're selected for verification, don't assume you're being accused of doing anything wrong. Some people are selected at random; and some schools verify all students' FAFSAs (Husson does not verify all students). All you need to do is provide the documentation your school asks for and be sure to do so by our priority deadline of June 18th, 2016, or there could be a delay in getting your financial aid processed in a timely fashion. 

Policy Statement - The policy outlines the process to verify the accuracy of information submitted on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Each year roughly one third of FAFSA applicants are selected by the U.S. Department of Education for verification. Additionally, Husson will select students for the verification process under certain circumstances where conflicting information has presented itself.

Policy Detail - Students who have been selected for verification are required to submit all appropriate and acceptable documentation. Federal verification must typically be completed prior to the end of the academic year or before the student ceases enrollment, whichever occurs first. Students, who fail to comply with verification requirements, including submitting documentation within required timelines, will not have Federal Title IV funds disbursed and may have Federal Title IV funds cancelled. Husson University considers the student to be the responsible party for providing information and completing the verification process.

Students must provide documentation as requested. Documentation may be required for, but not limited to: proof of receipt of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), information regarding child support paid, information regarding number of persons in the household, information regarding number of persons enrolled at least half-time in an eligible postsecondary institution, W2 for each source of income reported and properly filed tax return transcripts for the prior tax year for persons who were required to file taxes.

Students and their families, who have used the IRS Data Retrieval Process and per the Central Processor have not made adjustments to the information obtained, are not required to submit tax return transcript.

Students or their parents who have filed under the status "married filing separately", or have had to amend their tax returns (example 1040X) are not eligible for the IRS Data Retrieval Process and must submit a signed copy of the 1040 as well as the 1040x.

The financial aid counselor shall check all required elements, and make any necessary changes. Student will be notified via electronic message, or paper letter that their award has changed.

Acceptable Documentation:

Tax return documents

· Must have correct filing status

· Must contain all information in a readable format

· A IRS Form W2 and/or Schedule C or wage transcript from the IRS for each source of income for each person on the return

SNAP Benefits

· Signed statement from the beneficiary of amount of SNAP benefits received monthly for the prior year

· Documentation from the agency that issues the SNAP benefits in the state that they were received in for the preceding year.

Child Support Paid

· Name of person child support was paid to.

· Name of child support was paid on behalf of.

· Amount of support paid for the tax year.

Number in Household

· Signed verification sheet listing name, age, and relation of each house hold member as well as the institution any dependents are attending.

For more information about the verification process you can visit the Federal Student Aid website.