FAQs on Student Employment

1. What is Federal Work Study?
Federal Work Study is an award administered by the Financial Aid Office to students who have financial need. It is awarded based upon information from the student’s FAFSA. The award allows students the opportunity to obtain a job on campus for which there is a job posting.

2. Do I need a Federal Work Study award to work on campus?
In general, yes. 90% of the jobs that are advertised do require that students have been awarded Federal Work Study. There are some departments where Federal Work Study is not needed. You will need to see the Student Employment office and ask about this directly.

3. How much money can I earn?
You can earn no more than the amount of Federal Work Study that you were awarded.

4. I am an international student. Can I have a job on campus?
Yes. In fact, due to the stipulations of your student visa, on campus is the only place you can work. You are not permitted to have a job off campus in the community. Please see the Student Employment office directly for exact instructions.

For more information, please download our department’s brochure.