In what areas can I be employed with a bachelor's degree in health education?

K-12 School Health Education teaching positions are the primary placements, but health educators are also employed in many areas of community health.

Would this health education degree and state certification be reciprocated in other states?

Maine is one state that specifically requires health education certification of health education teachers. Because health education is a changing field, students wishing to teach outside the state of Maine should check with other state education departments to confirm reciprocity.

What are some requirements of the BS in Health Education degree program?

This program includes 123 semester credit hours and an earned 2.5 overall grade point average (GPA) for the major coursework. Examples of health education courses include: Nutrition, Human Growth and Development, Elementary Health Education, Secondary Health Education, Personal Health and Fitness, Substance Abuse and Prevention, Community Health, Comprehensive School Health, Principles of Sports Medicine, Assessment, Curriculum, and Epidemiology. The coursework also includes liberal arts courses, electives, and field experiences. Students must pass the Praxis I and II exams before a student teaching placement is assigned.

What are the clinical and practicum experiences that are tied to courses?

Authentic learning opportunities are provided in schools and community settings, beginning in the freshman year, allowing students to experience the characteristics of a career in health education. Because the curriculum is flexible, students may decide to change majors early in the college experience without losing credits.

Can I simultaneously earn a BS Physical Education degree along with the BS Health Education degree?

Yes, both degrees could be earned simultaneously by completing an additional course each semester with occasional options to take a winter semester class, a May semester class, or a summer class. It would allow a student to earn dual certification within the four-year time frame. This scenario may also increase possible employment opportunities.

What would the added expense be if dual teaching certification is my goal?

Tuition is charged for each course, thus an additional course each semester would be the usual rate for the number of credit hours taken.

Are there students I could e-mail who are currently completing the program?

Yes, students would be available via e-mail and during student visitation days to answer your questions and share their program experiences. Come join us!