1. What does the CIS program prepare me to do for work?
The B.S. (4-year) program has two tracks--programming and networking/networking management. Using the open electives in the program, a student could complete both tracks.

2. Is it necessary to have my own computer?
Although not required, it is recommended. Although there are computer labs available for general students' use, it would be easier to use your own computer to do the assigned work. The software used in CIS courses is available to the student (either with the textbook or from the Information Resources Office) to install on your machine. This way, the software is always current.

3. What income can I expect to make upon graduation?
Graduates accept jobs in the $35,000-$40,000 range, although there have been a few who received more than that upon graduation.

4. What types of courses will I take?
There is a general education requirement that all 4-year students must fulfill -- English, math, psychology, science, and communications (both oral and written). There is also a major business component. For computer courses, you would be looking at taking web design, Visual Basic and Java programming, and networking (hardware and software) for the user end as well as the server side.