Eastman, Todd, M.F.A

Assistant Professor
New England School of Communications


Todd graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. While there, his primary research focused on perception and cognitive interpretation of visual information. After graduation, Todd pursued a Master’s of Fine Arts in Film and Television at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Originally aspiring to be an editor, Todd not only honed his technical skills with Media Composer and Symphony, but immersed himself in European theories of visual storytelling and narrative construction while at the same time studying drawing, two dimensional design, and art history.

It was as an editor, piecing together the stories of others, that Todd began a transition into creating the images; the raw materials of a visual narrative. Camera positioning, lens selection, lighting style, actor and camera blocking all can contribute to telling a story addressing the viewer’s subconscious as well as playing off learned societal norms.

Starting as a camera assistant, moving to a camera operator, and then to a Director of Photography, image creation and acquisition became Todd’s passion. He has experimented and produced work with different camera platforms ranging from 8mm to 35mm film and 1/3” chip digital cameras to an Arri Alexa.

Todd has served as a Steadicam operator and Director of Photography on several notable projects: Nationally and Internationally recognized short films screening at Cannes, an award winning television series (cinematography), and highly acclaimed feature documentaries exploring ancient caves, cultures, and archeological locations.

Eastman, Todd, M.F.A

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