F-1 Visa Information

International Initiiatives

International students who wish to attend Husson University will need to obtain an F-1 Visa. F-1 designates education, non-immigrant status. To receive an F-1 Visa, complete the following steps:

To exit your home country:

  • Apply for a passport. Acquiring a passport may take several weeks or longer. Be sure to plan ahead. If you have a passport, be sure that the expiration date is no later than six months after you plan to enter the US.
  • Inquire if there may be other required documents that permit you to leave. These may include:
    • legal agreements asking you to return to your country at a specific age
    • requirement to return to your country at the end of your schooling
    • requirement to return to your country for military service
    • financial disclosures
    • educational agreements

To enter the United States:

  • Obtain an I-20 form. This is called a Certificate of Eligibility. When you have completed your application materials and received an acceptance of admission to Husson University, you will receive your I-20 in the mail. To avoid delays, be certain that Husson has an accurate mailing address.
  • Go to the US Immigration and Customs Student and Exchange Visitor Program website (SEVIS).
  • Pay the SEVIS fee of $200. This is called an I-901 fee. Print a copy of your receipt.
  • Make an appointment for a visa interview. Check online for the application fee
    • Where: At your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consular Office
    • When: As soon as possible There may be significant wait times for an appointment.
  • What to bring:
    • your I-20 form from Husson University
    • your passport with an expiration date no later than 6 months after you will enter the US
    • a completed Application for Non-Immigrant Visa (form OF-156) and a photo
    • a completed Declaration of Finances and Proof of Support to verify your financial status. You must have proof that you have the financial support to pay in advance for an entire year of study
    • proof that you have paid the SEVIS, I-901 fee (your receipt)
    • education documents: transcripts, diplomas, English competency assessments
    • your acceptance letter from Husson and proof of good health.
  • It is a good idea to practice your English before your interview. You must demonstrate to the consul at the Embassy that your English is proficient enough to be successful in your Husson program.
  • If you are refused a visa, you may reapply.

For more information or to find answers to your questions, visit


Name Phone and Email Address
Colleen Grover
Director of International Initiatives
128 O'Donnell Commons
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, ME 04401
Steve Egland
SEVIS Primary Designated Official at Husson University
Husson University
1 College Circle
Bangor, ME 04401