The William F. Beardsley Award recognizes overall excellence in teaching by a Husson University faculty member, while the Teresa H. Steele Award recognizes the contribution of a Husson University faculty member to research on teaching practices at the university level.

Application Process for Excellence in Teaching Awards

William F. Beardsley Award: Applicants for the William F. Beardsley award must be nominated, in writing, by a Husson University student or faculty colleague who believes the nominee exemplifies the qualities of an excellent teacher.  Each student or colleague can nominate only one (1) faculty member for the award.  Excellence in teaching is evidenced by pedagogy that engages students in the learning process, creates an environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity, and facilitates acquisition of knowledge. 

Teresa H. Steele Award: Applicants for the Teresa H. Steele award must submit a written statement of their intent to apply for the award along with a brief description of their research on teaching as it applies to the Husson University community.  Research should emphasize applied teaching practices and might include evaluating a methodology or instructional model, synthesizing prior pedagogical research to arrive at new conclusions, or conducting other research that enhances our understanding of teaching or learning.

Who is eligible to apply

All faculty members who are part of the Husson University learning community (full-time, part-time, and adjunct) are eligible to receive these awards.  However, previous recipients are not eligible to apply within four (4) years of receipt of an award.

Award Winners

Teresa Steele Teaching Excellence Award
2011  Cheryl Adams
2010  Jeannie Hamrin

William H. Beardsley Teaching Excellence Award
2014 Carolyn R. Dorfman, Ph.D., OTR/L
2013 Aaron Domina, Ph.D.
2012  Matthew Pifer, Ph.D.
2011  Jonathan Bayless
2010  Eric Jarvi