The Educational Studies major offers students within the School of Education the option of three different concentrations for those interested in teaching in a non-classroom setting: Physical Education, Elementary Education and Career Technical Education (CTE).

A three-to-six credit internship provides exposure to educational settings outside of the regular school environment like the YMCA, Maine Discovery Museum, and Municipal Recreation Departments.

The educational studies major offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) Instructors, Community College technical program Instructors, and others the opportunity to attain a bachelors degree in education. This program is not designed as a Maine teachers certification pathway but as a  professional learning and advancement opportunity. The program and coursework are designed to assist you in building your teaching skills in the unique environment associated with technical education. The B.S. in Educational Studies—CTE Concentration requires a minimum 2.2 G.P.A. The Educational Studies framework would allow for appropriate educational pedagogy courses specifically related to CTE and general education requirements. A number of Secondary Education offerings can be substituted for CTE specific offerings to accommodate difficulties with scheduling and frequency of course offerings.