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Phone and Email
Tabor, Anne
Director of Financial Aid
130 O'Donnell Commons
(207) 973-1090(o)
Tasker Smith, Holly
Assistant to the Dean, School of Science and Humanities
140 Beardsley Meeting House
(207) 941-7158(o)
(207) 941-7988(f)
Tedesco-Schneck, Mary, B.S., M.S.
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
229 Commons
(207) 941-7046(o)
(207) 941-7883(f)
Tennett, Shelly, M.Ed.
Instructor, School of Education
126G Living and Learning Center
(207) 941-7657(o)
Thompson, Carlene
Assistant to the Vice President of Administration, Student Affairs
102 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7107(o)
(207) 941-7190(f)
Tiernan, Chad, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
333 O'Donnell Commons
Tilton, Elizabeth
Associate Director, Financial Aid
127 O'Donnell Commons
(207) 992-1956(o)
(207) 941-7935(f)
Timms, Amber
Student Accounts Manager
121 O'Donnell Commons
(207) 941-7148(o)
(207) 973-1038(f)
Tingley, Paula, Ed.D.
Interim Dean, College of Health & Education
230 Commons
(207) 992-4913(o)
Toothaker, Stephen
Engineer, NESCOM
151 Wildey Communications Center
Toth, Gabor
Faculty Consultant/Math Tutor, Science & Humanities/Learning Center
140 Meeting House
(207) 941-7158(o)
Trafton, Sue
Catering/Grab N Go Manager, Dining Services
Dickerman Dining Commons
(207) 941-7066(o)
Trainor, Tina
Custodian, Maintenance
138 Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7900(o)
Traylor, Scott, B.S.
Director of WebMedia Program, NESCOM
221 Wildey Communications Center
(207) 992-1997(o)
Trefts, Roberta, M.S.
Mathematics Instructor, Science and Humanities
220 Meeting House
207 941-7854(o)
Tudor, Gail, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Research, Academic Administration
126 H Darling Learning Center
(207) 941-7039(o)
(207) 941-7988(f)