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Baker, Robert P., Pharm.D.
Manager of Quality Assurance in Experiential Education, School of Pharmacy
333A Peabody Hall
(207) 973-1045(o)
Cameron, Gregory, BS, R.Ph.
Field Coordinator, Community/Ambulatory Preceptors & Sites, School of Pharmacy
314C Peabody Hall
(207) 404-5606(o)
Harris, Betty J., Pharm.D.
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy
348B Peabody Hall
(207) 992-1960(o)
Jarvi, Jane, Ed.D.
Manager of Educational Programming, Experiential Education
310D Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7887(o)
McGrady, Frank R., B.S., R.Ph.
Field Coordinator, Experimental Education, Institutional Preceptors & Sites, School of Pharmacy
223A Peabody Hall
(207) 941-7089(o)
Reed, Ronald C., B.S., R.Ph., Pharm.D.
Chair, Professor, Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy
333D Peabody Hall
(207) 992-1957(o)
Robinson, Daniel, Pharm.D.
Husson Fellow & Professor of Pharmacy Practice
333F Peabody
(207) 404-5625(o)
Rossignol, Kathryn, B.A.
Manager of Operations, Experiential Education
217 Peabody Hall
(207) 992-1974(o)