Physical Therapy

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Credit Hours
PT 625
Prosthetics in Rehabilitation
2 CR.HR.
5th year status in PT program, PT 411 Kinesiology & Biomechanics
PT 630
The Physical Therapist as Educator, Consultant and Advocate
2 CR.HR.
PT552 AND PT560 AND PT520
PT 640
Medical Imaging and Rehabilitation
1 CR.HR.
PT560, PT510 AND PT552
PT 642
Pharmacology and Rehabilitation
1 CR.HR.
PT 561
PT 650
Patient Care Seminar I
2 CR.HR.
PT552 AND PT560 AND PT520
PT 652
Patient Care Seminar II
1 CR.HR.
PT 650 and PT 700
PT 661
Exercise for Special Populations
3 CR.HR.
PT560 AND PT561
PT 664
3 CR.HR.
5th year DPT status, PT 510
PT 698
Individualized Physical Therapy Remediation
1-7 variable CR.HR.
Graduate only, DPT Professional Phase
PT 699
Special Topics in Health Care
2 CR.HR.
PT 700
Clinical Education IV
4 CR.HR.