Physical Therapy

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Credit Hours
PT 530
Rehabilitation of Chronic Conditions
3 CR.HR.
PT550 AND PT515
PT 550
Musculoskeletal I
4 CR.HR.
PT416 AND PT418
PT 552
Musculoskeletal II
3 CR.HR.
PT550 AND PT515
PT 554
Musculoskeletal III
3 CR.HR.
PT552 AND PT550 AND PT515
PT 560
3 CR.HR.
PT528 AND PT552 AND PT601
PT 561
3 CR.HR.
PT450 AND PT550
PT 599
Advanced Physical Therapy Elective
3 CR.HR.
PT603 AND PT610 AND PT650 AND PT608
PT 600
Clinical Edu III
4 CR.HR.
PT 601
Research Methods I
1 CR.HR.
PT420 AND PT412 AND PT450 AND PT515 AND PT550 AND MS345
PT 602
Research Methods II
1 CR.HR.
PT601 AND PT552 AND PT528
PT 603
Research Methods III
2 CR.HR.
PT602 AND PT554 AND PT560 AND PT520 AND PT561
PT 604
Research Methods IV
3 CR.HR.
PT603 AND PT610 AND PT650 AND PT661 AND PT608
PT 605
Advanced Anatomy
1 CR.HR.
PT603 AND PT610 AND PT650 AND PT608 AND PT661
PT 608
PT Management of Children with Neurologic Dysfunction
3 CR.HR.
PT552 AND PT560 AND PT520
PT 610
Neuromuscular II
3 CR.HR.
PT 450 and PT 510
PT 615
Advanced Spinal Manual Therapy
3 CR.HR.
PT 616
Sports Medicine
3 CR.HR.
PT 617
Orthotics & Prosthetics
3 CR.HR.
PT 618
Health and Wellness
3 CR.HR.
PT661 AND PT664
PT 620
Primary Health Care
2 CR.HR.
PT 650