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Free Documentary Film: Mayan Blue at the Gracie Theatre

“Mayan Blue” documents the recent discovery of an ancient Mayan site beneath the waters of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Through the investigation of the 2,000-year-old city of Samabaj, the film explores the Mayan view of the cosmos and their ancient mythologies. The findings reveal a catastrophe the likes of which the Maya could never have imagined, reshaping everything they believed about the Earth and the origins of their underworld. - See more at:


December 31st 7:00 pm - December 31st 7:00 pm


Gracie Theatre at Husson.University
Husson Circle



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For more information about Free Documentary Film: Mayan Blue at the Gracie Theatre, please contact:

Name: Jeri Misler
Phone: 2079417888

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