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Husson Announces Recipient of 2013 Global Scholars Program

Moira O'Neill, Ph.DThe Global Scholars Program, an initiative started by Husson University President and CEO, Robert A. Clark, Ph.D., is designed to forge global understanding and advance educational excellence. The program supports faculty member scholarship, curriculum development, travel and/or research activities that help bring a global perspective into the classroom. Successful applicants receive a $1,000 stipend and an additional $2,000 for professional development expenses including materials and travel. The intent of the Global Scholars Program is to further the University’s first key strategic initiative of “Delivering Educational Excellence Through Experiential Learning and Global Understanding.”

This year, the Global Scholars Program will support the work of Moira O’Neill, Ph.D.,assistant professor with the School of Nursing.  Dr. O’Neill is a recent addition to thefaculty.  She earned her Ph.D. from Yale University in 2011.

Dr. O’Neill will investigate the possibility of establishing an international health professional educational exchange in Lithuania.  Her efforts will generate a feasibility study and plans to launch the exchange. 

In addition, her Global Scholars effort will provide experiential education and an opportunity to advance clinical education and professional peer support.  Dr. O’Neill’s activities will promote the development of sustainable health care services in host countries.  

The proposed learning exchange affirms the spirit of World Health Organization initiatives.  It offers potential solutions to countries with poorly resourced health care delivery systems.